In Pictures: Trams to Newhaven construction update

Its been a little while since we took a trip out to the Edinburgh Trams extension along Leith Walk and onto Newhaven so we remedy that in this pictorial article. In update we take a look at what has been going on at McDonald Road, on Leith Walk and in Ocean Way with thanks to John Hampton.

Work is proceeding on the tramstop at Mc Donald Road with concrete upstands complete and some of the facing slabs in place.

Further down Leith Walk, parts of the central median strip are in place, with concrete kerbstones and imprinted sets in the concrete surface, an interesting contrast with the first generation trams where the median strip had granite kerbstones and granite sets!

In Ocean Way (a continuation of Constitution Street) some kerbstones are in place and new paving is being laid. (All Photographs by John Hampton)

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