In Pictures: Trams to Newhaven Project at McDonald Road

In less than two years time trams should be running along the Edinburgh Trams extension to Newhaven but before then there is lots of construction work to be completed along the route. With the route split up into different sections and the “one spade” approach good tangible progress can be seen in various locations showing just what all that disruption is about. In this short pictorial update we are at the city centre end of the line close to the future McDonald route stop.

McDonald Road will be the second new stop on the line but with the first of those at Picardy Place being a replacement for York Place it is in effect the first extra stop on the line. As with the majority of the stops on the extension the stop will have an island platform and recently work has started to mark out the location of this.

With rails concreted in on both sides this is where the stop at McDonald Road will be constructed. The wooden shoring in the middle is the first stage in marking out the platform. We are looking northeast towards Leith here with the former Leith boundary at Pilrig in the middle distance beyond the former Edinburgh Corporation Transport tram works at Shrubhill. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 16th June 2021)

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