In Pictures: Up high on the Heaton Park Tramway

Last week we saw the hard work going on at the Heaton Park Tramway at ground level and now in this latest article we go up high to see some more of the preparation works for the new season which are underway.

With the tramway’s cherry picker in use the overhead team have started to inspect the overhead poles, wire height, fixtures and fittings. Where necessary these have been repaired and replaced to ensure that everything is ready for the first trams to run in service during June. So far two insulators have been replaced, an extra span wire added to increase height on the depot road and a good few dead branches have been cut back to avoid longer term damage with the overhead.

They started off at the very first pole just outside the gates at Middleton Road and have so far made their way as far as the top of the hill, checking each and every pole and other fixtures and fittings as they go.

The Heaton Park Tramway remains closed but passenger services are due to resume from Saturday 5th June.

Work underway to cut back some tree branches making sure they are well clear of the overhead wire.

A view from the cherry picker while the overhead team are in action checking all the overhead fixtures and fittings.

Another aerial view of the Heaton Park Tramway showing some of the issues the tramway has with the number of trees surrounding the line.

The overhead is inspected. (All Photographs courtesy of Heaton Park Tramway)

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