Penzance London County Council tramway trailers saved for now

Back in February we reported about the unusual Facebook Markeplace listing of two old London County Council tramway trailers for sale in Penzance, Cornwall. At the time the two trailers were available for £100 and since then they have been moved although still have an uncertain future.

The two trailers were originally used (after they finished being trams of course!) as living accommodation on Kenneggy Downs with Mr and Mrs Ned Thomas the occupants. They were moved in the early 1960s to another location in the Penzance area which is where they remained with very little known about them until offered for sale earlier this year. With the area they were located in due for redevelopment it was a race against time to rescue them and this duly happened during mid March.

Andrew Newport – a haulage contractor and transport enthusiast – took the trams from the site and they are now in further temporary storage. However, this is not a long-term option and it is hoped that they may be restored to their former glory in the future.

So, for now the two trailers are safe and get to live another day but whether that leads to anything more permanent will remain to be seen.

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