In Pictures: Demolition continues at Tyne and Wear Metro depot

The project to demolish the existing Tyne and Wear Metro depot at Gosforth is continuing with the scheme very much in the early stages of the demolition phase. The complete project is due to take around two and a half years to complete and by the end the depot will be a state of the art facility to house and maintain the fleet of new Stadler built trains which are all due to be in service by 2024. In the meantime a temporary depot has been opened at Howdon to allow some trains to be stabled there each night with a more limited capacity available at Gosforth.

A view of the depot site at Gosforth. The demolition has razed the building on the left to the ground, but significant further work is still required by the demolition sub-contractors. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 21st March 2021)

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