Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: St Chad’s Road

“Stop by Stop” is back today and we remain in Blackpool on our way north from Starr Gate with St Chad’s Road now reached.

As with most modern tram systems in the UK you will be noticing that the stops in Blackpool have a pretty uniform style to them and St Chad’s Road is no different to most of the others we have already featured. Northbound platform: shelter, seat, information panel, defibrillator.  Southbound platform: seat and information panel. Again, there is no space for platform and footpath so the southbound platform acts as the pedestrian throughfare as well.

St Chad’s Road as some prospective passengers arrive to head north.

017 pulls away north from St Chad’s Road with a Fleetwood Ferry service passing the shelter on the platform as it does.

011 has just arrived at St Chad’s Road on its way to Starr Gate although the destination states “Sorry Tram Full” with reduced capacity owing to Covid-19 restrictions. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 27th September 2020)

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