Stop by Stop Blackpool Tramway: Waterloo Road

In this next edition of “Stop by Stop” we continue with a northbound journey on the Blackpool Tramway and the next stop will be Waterloo Road.

Again a relatively short distance is travelled along the tramway before we come to the next stop at Waterloo Road. Ideally located for the shops on Waterloo Road, including Brooks Collectables, as well as a well known fast food restaurant which has previously advertised on the trams!, it is a fairly popular stop for people to alight at and once again feature platforms either side of the tracks. There is still no shelter for southbound passengers but there is a small seat and the usual information panel. A long shelter is available on the northbound side along with seat, information panel and defibrillator.

The set-up on the platforms at Waterloo Road is seen here. Again note the platform forms part of the pavement by the road at this location.

015 departs from Waterloo Road south to Starr Gate.

The northbound platform sees 005 calling on its way north to Fleetwood Ferry as some passengers board with some more waiting on the other side. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 27th September 2020)

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