Trams &: London Transport 1858, Blackpool 159 & trolleybus

“Trams &” continues today as we head to the East Anglia Transport Museum and a regularly captured scene.

The Chapel Road terminus at the East Anglia Transport Museum in Carlton Colville is a location you will have often seen featured on these pages whether that be just showing a tram or a tram and a trolleybus and in today’s photo taken on 25th May 2015 we see two trams plus a trolleybus pausing between journeys on their respective routes.

The two trams are the two long-standing operating cars at the museum with London Transport 1858 on the left and Blackpool Standard 159 in the centre of the image. The chances are if you have visited the museum at some point over the past 40 years you will have seen one or the other – if not both – of these in service and they are truly the workhorses of the tram fleet. The trams are joined in this photo by Belfast trolleybus 246. A Sunbeam trolleybus this was built in 1958 and is now based at Carlton Colville although has also operated in preservation at the Black Country Living Museum.

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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