Can You Help? Brighton Tram 53 Group seek help for air brake diagram

The Brighton Tram 53 Group are another of those small groups of enthusiasts dotted around the UK who are seeking to restore a long forgotten tram to help fill the gaps in local transport history and over the past few years they have been making good progress on returning the 1936 built tram to its former glory. But they have now reached a stage where they need some assistance in drawing up an air brake diagram.

They need this diagram so they can start fitting the pipes with 53 having wheel and track air brakes. Because of the positioning of the pipes they won’t be able to progress with the fitting of the stairs until these are fully in place.

The group are now seeking any assistance from anyone who can help them to draw up these plans to help them further progress with the restoration.

If anyone can help please either leave a comment below or email us at the usual email address and we will pass your details on.

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