Lockdown Walks: West Midlands Metro 27

We are today heading to the West Midlands Metro for another image taken during the Covid-19 restrictions.

In the below image we are now at The Royal, the stop immediately before (or immediately after I guess depending on which direction you are coming from!) Wolverhampton St George’s. When the Wolverhampton City Centre extension opens to the public in 2021 The Royal may well become a more popular stop for people to get on and off trams as they realise they are on the wrong tram and wanted to go to the Railway Station and not St George’s or vice versa!

This photo shows 27 which is just pausing at the stop with a service for Library in Birmingham City Centre. This tram is carrying an advert for OLA – one of three Urbos3s to currently carry this advertising contract. (Photograph by Dan Noon, 15th July 2020)
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