Communication issue causes major disruption for NET

Services on Nottingham Express Transit had a delayed start on Friday 21st August after a communication issue led to trams being confined to depot. The problem was put down to a software issue and with no communication possible between trams and the control room, for safety reasons trams were not allowed to leave Wilkinson Street Depot from the start of service.

The software issue “emerged” overnight and it took several hours for this to be resolved enough to allow trams to start leave depot. Nottingham Express Transit tweeted around 1500 to say that it had been resolved which meant trams were starting to enter service although with severe delays as the full service was formed.

In a statement Nottingham Express Transit said: “software issue has emerged overnight which is currently affecting all communications between trams and our control room and, as a result, we are unable to operate any services across the network for safety reasons. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and our technicians are working hard to repair the issue and restore services as soon as possible.”

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