Llandudno & Colwyn Bay 7 gets ready for 1940s weekend in Colwyn Bay

On Friday 19 April the Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway Society’s replica tram 7 was awoken from its slumbers in preparation for its first public appearance of 2013 at the 1940s Weekend taking place in Colwyn Bay on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April. This is the first time in over 11 months that 7 has been seen in public following a problem with the 68 year old “Matador” which was previously used to haul the tram around the local area.

Thankfully the Society have now managed to get mobile again and hope to attend several events around North Wales again in 2013 to help get much needed publicity for their aims and aspirations with several projects in the pipeline. It is planned that 7 will be seen at the Alice in Wonderland event on Llandudno Promenade on Friday 3 May and then at the town’s Transport Festival and Extravaganza at Bodafon Fields between Saturday 4 and Monday 6 May.

7 is seen in Colwyn Bay as final preparations are made for its starring role at the 1940s Festival being held in the town.(Photo: John Bird)

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6 Responses to Llandudno & Colwyn Bay 7 gets ready for 1940s weekend in Colwyn Bay

  1. The Eye says:

    Is that the best picture that could be found!!!

  2. David Taylor says:

    Can anyone confirm or deny the rumour that the society has folded. I have been told that the project is no longer on the books and the shed has been demolished. If that is true were are the trams, hopefully not demolished as well.

    I hope that this is just a malicious rumour but the article above was in May 2013 and nothing has been entered since.

    I would love to hear an update from someone.

  3. Paul says:

    Their website has details of attendance at an event two weeks ago.
    The society was removed from the Charity Commission register in 2009, but has continued to function.

  4. David L says:


    this site says it was out on 28th June this year.

  5. David L says:


    also this site shows them out and about in June.

  6. David Taylor says:

    Thank you for your input. It seems that only the replica no 7 is mobile but I would like to know what has happened to the rest of the trams and the original depot.

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