Rochdale overhead wires are live

The overhead wires recently installed between the current Railway Station terminus and the future Town Centre terminus in Rochdale have now gone live as progress continues on bringing Metrolink into the town ahead of an opening early next year.

A spokesman from Transport for Greater Manchester said: “The installation of overhead line equipment between Rochdale railway station stop and the forthcoming Rochdale town centre stop is another important step in the expansion of Metrolink in the town. All the overhead line equipment should now be considered ‘live’ at all times meaning that safety restrictions are now in place and any structural or refurbishment works near the line, such as on roofs, should be arranged in conjunction with our contractors. Metrolink works are continuing on Drake Street in preparation for the opening of the town centre stop in 2014 and we thank Rochdale residents for their patience during this time.”

Work is also continuing on the Town Centre extension in Oldham with both lines expected to open sometime in 2014. Photos of recent progress on construction on the Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester Airport lines will be added to British Trams Online at the weekend.

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