Trams &: Cheltenham 21 & bus

It may be the last “Trams &” for now but we hope you agree we have almost saved the best until last as it’s a trip into the archives in the pretty unlikely location of Cheltenham.

This is July 1965 and we are in the centre of the Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham when the cameraman came across the surviving tram from Cheltenham as it was being transported to Crich. Having last run in 1930 when Cheltenham’s tramways closed, 21 was rescued in the early 1960s by a group of enthusiasts who restored the tram ahead of it being moved to Crich for display. Unfortunately, as it was a 3’6″ gauge tramway it wasn’t suitable for operation at Crich and it would only remain until 1981 when it went to Bournemouth and then 11 years later back home where it remains stored out of public view to this day.

In this photo we see 21 on the back of a lorry (not really a low loader as we’re used to seeing trams transport on today!) as it moves through Cheltenham. Alongside is Bristol FLF bus which would be scrapped in 1982.

* “Trams &” will return in the future. If you have any contributions for potential inclusion in the series please contact us in the usual way!

Photograph by Keith Chadbourne

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3 Responses to Trams &: Cheltenham 21 & bus

  1. John Hibbert says:

    The Bristol MW range was an underfloor engine single deck. This is an FLF model – either FLF6B or 6G depending on engine option. (Bristol or Gardner). Love the moped!

  2. Ken Jones says:

    Sorry the bus is not a Bristol MW which were single deckers. It is actually BHY 715C a Bristol FLF. New March 1980 to Cheltenham District as their 7184 and scrapped October 1982- I actually posted this comment at the weekend but on the picture not on the article

  3. Ken Jones says:

    Nice error on my part – the FLF was new in 1965 not 1980. we think the lorry with the tram on was one of Elliot Bros. A Bedford TK articulated.

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