Whatever Happened To? Blackpool Jubilee 761

Both of Blackpool’s Jubilee Cars ran over the final weekend of traditional tram operation in November 2011 and in this latest article we take a look at 761.

Jubilee 761 ran on both days of the final weekend with it used on the evening service both days. With sister 762 only being used on the first day, 761 duly became the last Jubilee to run in Blackpool (an honour it still holds to this day) when it returned to depot at 2211, having run in with the 2148 service from Bispham.

Originally acquired by the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust, after outside storage 761 was returned to Rigby Road Depot for storage. Ownership was then transferred to Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours before at the start of 2020 it again changed owners, with the Fylde Transport Trust now the custodians of this historically significant tramcar. It remains stored at Rigby Road and is still in the bright orange advert for Wynsors World of Shoes.

Having just terminated with its last trip from Bispham, 761 gets ready to head across the Prom road and up to the depot in this 6th November 2011 view.

761 has made several appearances during the September event in Blackpool, the most recent of which was on 28th September 2019 when it was included as part of an One Person Operated tram line-up. It is seen here as the centre tram with OMO 8 and Centenary 645 for company. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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