Covid-19 service update – operating systems

Its been a while since we had a round-up of the service being operated on operating tramways and light rail systems in the British Isles (by which we mean those which operate primarily as public transport and not heritage systems – more on those soon!) so here we update on the current services running at the time of publication. Whilst most networks are still running a reduced service it is an improved picture on where we were a couple of months ago, for most systems anyway.

Blackpool Tramway

No service operating. The trams in Blackpool were suspended at the end of service on Saturday 28th March and no resumption has yet been announced. Passengers have been directed to the no. 1 Promenade bus instead.

Docklands Light Railway

Services are running every 7-10 minutes.

Edinburgh Trams

Trams are running every 15 minutes all day, 7 days a week.

London Tramlink

Services are running every 7-8 minutes daytime on the New Addington line and every 10 minutes daytime on the Wimbledon-Beckenham Junction/Elmers End lines. Early morning and evening frequencies are reduced.


Normal service in operation as it has been throughout the pandemic.

Manchester Metrolink

Monday to Friday: A 10 minute service is running on all lines from start of service to 1900 and then every 20 minutes until 2300.

Saturday: A 10 minute service is running on all lines from 0800 to 1800 and every 20 minutes between 0600 and 0800 and 1800 to 2300.

Sunday: A 20 minute service on all lines throughout the day.

TfGM have also released a chart showing the quietest times to travel on Metrolink.

Nottingham Express Transit

A Sunday timetable is running seven days a week with trams running:

0600-0700 – every 15 minutes

0700-1900 – every 10 minutes

1900-2300 – every 15 minutes

West Midlands Metro

Monday to Saturday:

Start of service to 0630 – every 15 minutes

0630-2000 – every 12 minutes

2000 to end of service – every 15 minutes


Every 15 minutes throughout the day

A “heat map” of when West Midlands Metro is quietest to travel on is available here.

Stagecoach Supertram

Blue route:

Monday to Saturday: every 15 minutes for most of the day with a 20 minute frequency from 2100 to end of service

Sunday: every 20 minutes

Service currently only running Malin Bridge to Gleadless Townend owing to rail replacement works

Purple route:

No service owing to the rail replacement works

Yellow route:

Monday to Saturday: every 15 minutes for most of day with a 20 minute frequency 2100 to end of service

Sunday: every 20 minutes


Monday to Sunday: two services an hour

Details of how busy trams are during the day are linked from this page on the Supertram website

Tyne & Wear Metro

Monday to Friday:

Normal service until 2000 and then every 30 minutes until end of service


Normal service


Normal service

The advice for travel remains that you should only travel on public transport for essential travel. If you are travelling on any public transport service in either England or Scotland a face covering is compulsory unless you are in one of the categories where it isn’t required. In Ireland it is advised that face coverings are worn but it is not compulsory.


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