So Nearly, Not Quite! Blackpool Railcoach 680 & Balloon 702

Yes, its time for another shot of trams in Blackpool with one of those pesky stray pedestrians again!

Its 3rd September 2006 and Railcoach 680 has probably just come off the loop at Pleasure Beach and has drawn up to the stop ready for a special running to Cabin on North Shore and it meets up with Balloon 702 which has just seen passenger alight not wanting to travel further south to Starr Gate. 680 is in what looked like an unfinished advert for the Merrie England Showbar at North Pier whilst 702 had a heritage green and cream repaint and old style destination blinds. It would be nearly perfect if it wasn’t for the pedestrian walking across the tracks interrupting our view of 680! Ah, never mind, better luck next time!

Photograph by Gareth Prior

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