Picture in Time: Manchester Metrolink 1007

The next few weeks will see us heading to the northwest for a series of archive images taken on Manchester Metrolink.

We start off with T68 1007 which is seen on 8th October 1992 as it leaves Victoria for a service from Bury to Piccadilly. This is the original Victoria layout and just in case you weren’t sure which platform was which there is a very large “B” and “C” attached to the station canopy. Public Metrolink services had first reached Victoria on 6th April 1992 (from Bury) which had been the first stage of the new tram system to open but it would be a few more weeks – 27th April 1992 to be more precise – before trams would travel through Victoria into the city centre when the line to G-Mex opened. The service that we see 1007 operating here would then start on 20th July 1992 when the spur into Piccadilly was opened, the final stage of phase one of Metrolink to be completed.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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3 Responses to Picture in Time: Manchester Metrolink 1007

  1. TomIrvin says:

    There was also for a long time a sign for platform A behind the photographer. Whilst it was usable, I never saw it used, with Bury trams always continuing to platform B. What was the purpose of this platform A? Thanks in advance for any gen on this matter, it has always puzzled me.

  2. steve hyde says:

    When Metrolink opened through Victoria into the city platform A was used by northbound trams. It was eventually closed because of the condition of the roof and continual rainwater leaks making it unsafe.

  3. tram man says:

    Tom,once the city centre part of the system opened platform A was the main platform for trams to Bury.I remember it still being in use when the commonwealth games were staged in Manchester.The main reason it was put out of action was when the glass roof panels above it started to collapse and was deemed unsafe to use.So trams for Bury then started to drop off and pick up at platform B.

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