Brief update on FTT trams Standard 143 & Railcoach 279

The Fylde Transport Trust have given the latest update on the projects to return Standard 143 and Railcoach 279 to the rails with the latter continuing to take shape as a “pointed end” Railcoach once more.

And what better place to start than with 279? The project to revert the tram to its original and traditional condition from the look it has had for over 50 years is continuing at the FTT’s own workshops. They have recently received the aluminium noses back from a contractor ready for fitting once the tram reaches that stage of construction. These noses go just below the windscreen on the cab ends and really help to finish the tram off.

Other recent progress has also seen the space for head and tail lights cut in preparation for their full fitting whilst inside the tram saloon heaters are starting to be installed and the saloon lights have been wired up in readiness for the bulb holders to be fitted to the ceiling.

The latest news on Standard 143 which has remained confined to depot since failing in September is that the errant motor requires a full rewind. This is with an outside contractor who will now be completing the work to make sure that the motor can be refitted to 143 and it can finally enter service to wow the crowds in Blackpool once more.

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