Supertram fares to rise from 1st April

April Fools Day will not be one of joy for Stagecoach Supertram passengers after it was announced that fares on the network will be rising from that date as a result of rising costs from items such as “labour, energy and insurance”. Child tickets, Dayriders, Megariders and online tickets will all see an increase but it has been confirmed that adult singles will remain at current levels.

Ticket prices which are to remain at their current levels will be all adult single tickets along with tram only 4 week, 13 week and 52 week tickets. The main increases will see child singles increase by 10p to 70p and child returns are up by 20p to £1.40 – these changes are said to be in line with all other transport operators in the South Yorkshire region.

In addition the Sheffield Tram & Bus Dayrider is up to £4 (from £3.90), the Tram & Bus Megarider weekly is now £13.50 (up by 50p), the Sheffield Megarider Plus Week goes up to £14.50 (was £14) and the Megarider Gold Week will be £19 (was £18). As well as these increases online ticket prices will also be changing from 1st April.

Full details of the fare rises can be found at

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a total joke this fare increase not just on trams but buses too. When faith school kids get free bus travel those of us that attend a school that isn’t segregated by religion hve to pay £1.40 per day.
    Ridiculous, to think that it was 40p for a single just 3 years ago!

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