More progress on Crich track relay

As we’ve already reported this winter, the major winter maintenance project at the Crich Tramway Village concerns the relaying of the double track between Victoria Park and the single line post on the way to Wakebridge. Before Christmas we saw the major progress on the northbound line, and this is now largely complete with work having now also started on the southbound line.

The new northbound line is now in place along its full length with the final top layer of ballast also having been installed. The next stage of work on the northbound line will be final alignment and height tweaking which will be followed by tamping the ballast.

Work has also now started on the southbound line with all fixings being removed to allow the full track to be replaced. Before the old rails can be removed a levels survey will take place which will ensure that the new track is put into the same location as the old (to avoid any major changes required for the overhead line).

Other progress recently has seen a variety of finishing works taking place with fresh cabling being pulled into the new lineside ducting and traction bonding cables fitted between the rails.

* Don’t forget, you can sponsor a new sleeper on this section of line for £100 and if you take advantage of this you also get a section of 1st generation BS2 profile rail that is being removed as part of the work. This rail dates back to 1966 when the line was originally laid. To donate you can visit the Crich Tramway Village website.

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