In Pictures: Boating in December!

Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours decided to go out in style for 2019 with Boat 227 running not once but twice over the last weekend of the heritage service – bracing weather for it but is it ever too cold for an open top tram ride?! 227 ran on both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th December with it on both occasions being part of a two tram Prom service.

227 didn’t actually start the day in service on Saturday 28th December with Brush 631 and Balloon 711 the initially allocated trams but a blown headlamp on 711 led to it having to be replaced in service. But what to replace it with? With dry weather it was decided what better to let people clear those Christmas cobwebs off than a Boat Car with 227 selected for the rest of the day. It was then in service again on Sunday 29th December – the last day of heritage tram operation for 2019.

The unusual sight of 227 at Tower and North Pier heritage stop in December with a smattering of passengers waiting for a trip down to Pleasure Beach.

Looking through the back (soon to be front) windscreen of 227 at Tower and North Pier as we see tour cars 715 and 718 waiting departure south.

631 was also on heritage tours and is seen here on Pleasure Beach loop where 227 is on the inner loop and Balloon 718 waits behind the Brush Car during its FTS tour duties.

631 at Tower and North Pier having just terminated with a heritage service from Pleasure Beach which is exactly where it will now return. (All Photographs by David Maxwell, 28th December 2019)

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