In Pictures: More from Lightopia

The trams at the Heaton Park Tramway are now receiving some well earnt rest after the conclusion of their use during the Lightopia event taking place in the park but as seen in this article they were still being used almost right until the end of December with the special lighting effects still around and the trams popularity showing no signs of fading. With Blackpool 623 and Manchester 765 again seeing use, Stockport 5 also came out from the depot to provide an extra vantage point of the trams in the dark. Joshua Haworth provides us with the following pictures.

Just two days before Christmas and Brush Car 623 is seen here at Lakeside with the appropriate Tour of Illuminations destination blind.

Again on 23rd December and a healthy load of passengers wait on board 623 at Middleton Road Gates.

28th December and Stockport 5 came out to play. Not in passenger service but used to give an extra vantage point for photos the tram is seen here alongside Manchester 765 outside Middleton Road Depot. Hopefully with any luck 2020 may see 5 back in service.

An aerial view of Manchester 765 at Lakeside taken from the top deck of 5.

In this view we see 765 at Lakeside terminus.

Stockport 5 poses at Lakeside as the lights of Lightopia shine in the background. (All Photographs by Joshua Haworth)

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