They Ran in 2019: Sheffield 264

There is no doubt that the hardest working heritage trams in the country are those which ply their trade at Beamish with year round operation running round and round the museum circuit. One of those which sees uses all year round, whatever the weather!, is Sheffield 264.

The high capacity of this double deck tram and the fact that is more or less enclosed – except for the open upper deck balconies – means it is ideally suited for operation on the tramway. It doesn’t seem to matter what day or what time of the week it is but tram journeys at Beamish always seem to be busy!

The first photo shows 264 in the Town on 13th July 2019 during the 1950s weekend.

Photograph by Leo Dembry

In very different temperatures we then see 264 on 19th November 2019 continuing to transport passengers around the museum.

Photograph by Trevor Hall

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