Winter maintenance underway at Crich

It may have been only a few weeks since the last tram ran for 2019 at the Crich Tramway Village but already work is underway on the winter maintenance with more track set to be relaid following on from the major project last winter at Glory Mine.

This year the major trackwork project will see the double track between Victoria Park and the blue staff post on the way to Wakebridge relaid. So far the track on the northbound line has been lifted and preparatory works are now underway to dig out the sleepers and the ballast ahead of the formation of the new track base and eventual relaying of track.

In addition to this work the overhead line team have been undertaking a post season inspection of maintenance priorities with worn out items being replaced whilst a new lightning arrestor has also been fitted. Work is also being undertaken in the substations with new equipment installed to allow a radio interlink and safety interlocking of the DC power supply.

Crich is now closed for the winter but will reopen for the 2020 season on Saturday 14th March. It will then be open daily until 11th June and then again between 16th June and 1st November. A number of special events will take place throughout the year and these are gradually being added to the Crich website, they will include the popular 1940s weekends and horse tram days amongst others.

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