Three car service to run on Volk’s Electric Railway to end the season

For the first time in over 25 years the Volk’s Electric Railway will be running a three car service on Sunday 3rd November, subject to the usual weather constraints. The standard service on the line along Brighton seafront sees two car (or car sets if you prefer as two vehicles are permanently coupled) but experiments earlier this year has shown that it is possible to run up to three at the same time and that is exactly what will happen on the last day of the regular operating season which also happens to coincide with the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

The trains will be running using the block token system with the tokens exchanged at each passing loop on the line between the Aquarium and Black Rock stations. The trains will be driven by experienced volunteers from the Volk’s Electric Railway Association (VERA) with the service scheduled to run between 1030 and 1530.

It is currently expected that 7+8, 9 and 10 will be allocated to service on the day but will be dependent on availability. These three sets date from 1901, 1910 and 1926 – giving the cars taking part in the Veteran Car Run a run for their money in age stakes! And with the cars due to be displayed on Madeira Drive after their arrival in Brighton what better way to see them than a ride on the VER?

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