In Pictures: Just another Saturday at Crich

The operating season may be continuing to start to draw to a close at Crich (not before the expected busy week of the Starlight Event though) but there is still time for the trams to continue running and the visitors to take a trip to Derbyshire to enjoy them as they do! In this pictorial we take a look at the trams in service on Saturday 19th October which saw a standard three tram service running with Leeds 180, Sheffield 510 and Blackpool 630 plus Liverpool 869 out on a driver experience. Trevor Hall was one of those who paid a visit.

Blackpool 630 was one of the service cars on this day – with saloon heaters on! – and is seen here just leaving the depot.

Leeds 180 was also picked for service and in this view we see the tram just pulling out of the depot.

Oporto 273 was stabled in the depot yard throughout the day.

Is this Rigby Road or Crich? Blackpool & Fleetwood 40 is found here on road 6 on the main depot and has fellow Blackpool trams 762 and 167 for company as well as MET 331. Blackpool 236 can also just be seen on the extreme left.

Down at Town End terminus two of the service cars are seen: Blackpool 630 and Sheffield 510.

Stephenson Place and Leeds 180 is with Blackpool 630.

Berlin 223 006-4 is caught here in the depot yard. With the tram not required to run either of its access trips it remained here all day.

Liverpool 869 was in use in its usual Ultimate Driver Experience role. This is the tram at Town End.

The sun is out and so is Sheffield 510 as it stands at Stephenson Place. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 19th October 2019)

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