Nottingham Express Transit stars on CBeebies

It is often that you see trams playing a starring role on television but a recent episode of CBeebies’ popular show Maddie Do You Know featured a brief segment on Nottingham Express Transit. It would appear that the whole premise of the show is to explain to children how things work and this episode included not only how trams work but also all about maps.

The show is on CBeebies which will probably give you some idea of the tone – it is after all a channel for Pre-School children! – but it does see presented Maddie Moate enthusiastically buy a ticket, catch a tram, take a look at a tram and then go for another ride in the cab. There is also basic explanation of what makes a tram run and how it runs along the tracks.

The tram was driven by NET Driver Manager, Darren Smith, who commented: “It was a pleasure to host Maddie and her team, and a great opportunity to showcase the technology that drives our successful network. The NET team also had a fantastic opportunity to see how a popular children’s TV show is filmed and Maddie was a real star!”

The programme is still available on BBC iPlayer.

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