Extra event for Heaton Park as Trans Lancs Rally cancelled

Sadly the annual Trans Lancs Rally which usually takes place on the first Sunday in September at Heaton Park has had to be cancelled this year because the parade ground in the park is not in a condition where it is possible for the various buses which usually visit to be put on display. But not to be put off by this news the Heaton Park Tramway have announced a special event of their own which will still see an intensive tram service along with a shuttle bus service linking the tramway with the Manchester Museum of Transport at Boyle Street.

Taking place on Sunday 1st September between 1000 and 1600 a three tram service will be in operation using Hull 96, Blackpool 623 and Manchester 765. There will also be a model exhibition in the Middleton Road Depot with several visiting layouts, mostly tram, and a couple of railway layouts.

There will also be a vintage bus service from the Manchester Museum of Transport to the Heaton Park Tramway.

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