In Pictures: A brief sojourn on Nottingham Express Transit

Its back to Nottingham again in this brief pictorial article for a selection of photos taken on 23rd August 2019 on the Toton Lane line showing both the original Bombardier Incentro trams and the newer Alstom Citadis vehicles. David Mee is the photographer.

Citadis 225 arrives at Beeston Centre with a service for Hucknall. The layout at Beeston Centre sees the tram platforms separated by the road with a raised platform also provided for buses as kindly demonstrated for us here by a Trent Barton vehicle.

Having left Beeston Centre behind (the furniture on the platform can just be seen between the back of the bus and back of the tram Incentro 209 continues with its journey to Toton Lane. This tram carries a special livery promoting the tram as a good way to travel.

At the elevated Queen’s Medical Centre stop 237 pulls away with its service for Hucknall. This is the only dedicated tramstop for a hospital in the UK. (All Photographs by David Mee, 23rd August 2019)

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