In Pictures: Trams at Sandtoft

Sandtoft is most known for its Trolleybus museum – it has the UK’s largest collection of trolleybuses – with 60+ trolleybuses on site, many of them operational, but in addition it is also home to a couple of trams. More specifically they are unrestored tram bodies which are serving a new purpose to provide information and a home for some smaller exhibits in the museum collection.

The two tram bodies both come from Sheffield and are from the same batch of 1920 built four wheeler double deckers. Only the lower deck survives of either tram with their identifies being 419 and 442. 419 is used as an information centre and 442 to house small exhibits.

419 is an information centre. Painted all over green we see the tram here.

The second tram body on site is 442 which is painted brown and white. Situated in the trees here it is used as a display for small exhibits. (Both Photographs by Ken Jones, 27th July 2019)

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