Metrolink performance increases

The latest set of performance statistics on Manchester Metrolink have been released and they show an increase in punctuality and reliability with 92.1% of trams considered on time and 99.4% of planned miles having operated in the period between 26th May and 22nd June.

This is now period 3 of the reporting year with the punctuality at the highest level for some time. 92.1% of all trams running departed less than two minutes late with the Altrincham line the highest performer at 97.6% and the Airport line at the other end of the scale with 88.9% of trams running on time.

Meanwhile, reliability is also at the highest level for a while (this time since period 12 in 2018/19) with 99.4% of planned miles operated across the whole network. All lines were around the same figure with the top performers being the Airport, Ashton-under-Lyne and Bury lines (all at 99.6%) with the lowest percentage being on the Altrincham line at 99.2% (making it the most punctual but least reliable!)

Overall 0.23% of all planned journeys were cancelled with 0.42% of journeys being incomplete.

The usual reasons for disruption are also listed on the report including signalling faults (26th May), a communications fault (11th June), and points faults (8th and 14th June).

* The full report – which includes line by line data – can be found here.

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