All the Stations reach the Isle of Man

Earlier this year we reported on the All the Stations team who travelled to Ireland and included all stops on Luas as part of their overall trip which also included all railway stations in the country as well. This followed on from previous high profile All the Stations Great Britain which took place in 2017. Their adventures have now continued with a recent trip to the Isle of Man seeing them complete their usual challenge – and with it being the Isle of Man this time it means quite a few trams!

Taking the trip in mid-July they travelled on, amongst others, the Isle of Man Steam Railway, Manx Electric Railway and Snaefell Mountain Railway (the latter of which they were greeted at the summit by a view many of us have seen over the years – not a lot because of the cloak of Mannan!)

You can visit their YouTube channel now to see videos of their adventures on the Isle of Man!

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2 Responses to All the Stations reach the Isle of Man

  1. Geoff IoM says:

    Just to play the pedant, the Celtic sea-god whose cloak hides the Island from its enemies is called ‘Manannan’.

  2. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    There’s a definite art to finding the right weather in which to view the ‘Seven Kingdoms’ from the summit of Snaefell. It took me 4 attempts – if it wasn’t the Cloak of Manannan then the view was fine but the walking far too perilous due to strong winds. Fourth time lucky with just a moderate breeze – sufficient to lift the ‘Cloak’ but not powerful enough to return one back down without the aid of the Mountain Railway!

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