In Pictures: Supertram rail replacement works return

The short three day period of a full Stagecoach Supertram network is over with the rail replacement works recommencing from Monday 22nd July. This is now 2019’s area 3 which is due to only last until Friday 26th July and is seeing attention to the track around Shalesmoor. Simon Temple has been on the scene and provides the below photos for us to share.

Meanwhile, a change has been announced for the next stage of works with area 4 now split into areas 4 and 4a whilst area 5’s dates have also changed. Previously area 4 was due to affect the area between Hillsborough Corner and Holme Lane from Monday 27th July until Friday 9th August and then area 5 was Glossop Road from Sunday 25th to Friday 30th August. Now it will be area 4 is 27th July to 3rd August, area 4a is 17th to 23rd August and area 5 is 24th to 30th August. The actual areas of work and planned services remain unchanged, however.

Actually in the stop at Shalesmoor where the vital equipment needed for the works can be seen including a broom! Also, and probably on much more interest!, is that the old track has been removed from the city bound track with the new track waiting to be put into place.

Another view of Shalesmoor where we can see the new track all ready to be installed.

This final view is looking away from Shalesmoor and towards Hillsborough with the new track again alongside where it will soon be placed. (All Photographs by Simon Temple, 24th July 2019)

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  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Trams were running in Hillsborough yesterday July 28 though Bamforth Street stop. I saw 109 and 120 among others in service.

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