In Preview: Tram Sunday weekend Heritage Trams – 20th & 21st July

This weekend will see more enhanced heritage tram action in Blackpool and with Tram Sunday taking place on Sunday 21st July it is very much Fleetwood orientated this time around – with a very frequent service north on both days. Tram Sunday itself will also see three heritage trams on display in Fleetwood with the heritage service – and the normal tram service too – terminating short at Fisherman’s Walk.

A varied selection of trams (subject to the usual availability and weather conditions) will run on each day with six trams running on Saturday 20th and seven on Sunday 21st (including one confined to the Prom section in Blackpool). There may have been complaints this year about the lack of variety of trams on Gold days but that is not something which can be complained about this time around, especially on Saturday with the Western Train due to run as Tram “A” with the other five trams due to represent five other classes of trams including recently returned to service Bolton 66 (Tram “C”). With larger numbers of passenger expected to travel to Fleetwood on the Sunday to attend Tram Sunday there is more concentration on larger capacity trams with four of the six set to be Balloons but Standard 147 and Boat 600 are also scheduled to run. Sunday 21st also sees a seventh tram in service with Boat 227 allocated to good old fashioned Prom specials.

A different timetable to that which usually runs on Gold weekends is in operation with the majority of journeys running all the way to Fleetwood. On the Saturday trams B to F will all run to Fleetwood three times each with tram A (the Western Train) due to run no fewer than four journeys between Pleasure Beach and Fleetwood Ferry. Another pleasing aspect of the Saturday is that the journey the shop tram usually runs at the end of the day from North Pier/Tower to Bispham is actually included on the timetable instead of being unadvertised. On Sunday 21st trams D and E will operate three times to Fisherman’s Walk with the other four scheduled to do this trip four times. Without a doubt if you enjoy long tram rides this weekend is definitely for you! The full timetables are available to view on the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours Facebook page.

As part of Tram Sunday it has also been announced that the three heritage trams due to be displayed on Pharos Street will be Brush 621, Railcoach 680 and Balloon 700. A special heritage bus trip will also be run in Fleetwood operated by the Fylde Transport Trust.

Planned allocations are as follows (subject to the usual caveats):

Saturday 20th July

A – Western Train 733+734

B – Boat 227

C – Bolton 66

D – Centenary 648

E – Balloon 723

F – Brush 621

Shop Tram – Balloon 700

Sunday 21st July

A – Standard 147

B – Balloon 723

C – Boat 600

D – Balloon 713

E – Balloon 715

F – Balloon 718

Prom – Boat 227

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