Study names Metrolink as fifth best in the world

In another boost for Manchester Metrolink the system has been named as the fifth best in the world as part of an international study. This study looked at 32 trams systems from across the world and Metrolink was in the large cities category scoring a total score of 66 out of 100 across ten different separate criteria.

The criteria assessed were:

* Corridor potential

* Speed and urban integration

* Multimodal integration

* Pricing and ticketing

* Use of resources

* Tram service offer

* Reliability, accessibility, security

* Tram ridership

* Tram economic viability

* Public transport dynamic

Metrolink was praised particularly for its off-peak frequency, pricing and ticketing, use of resources, economic balance and tram ridership dynamic (no we don’t have a clue what tram ridership dynamic is either!).

Cllr Mark Aldred, from the Greater Manchester Transport Committee, said: “We are working all the time to make Metrolink better, so I’m delighted it has been recognised as one of the best tram systems in the world. Things like this don’t happen by chance. It’s a reflection of a lot of hard work and investment over many years and also testament to the work that KeolisAmey Metrolink have done to improve performance in the two years they have been operating and maintaining the network. We’ve invested almost £2bn over the last decade or so to grow Metrolink, are investing in more trams and constantly looking at ways to make using it easier and more attractive – such as the contactless payment system that launched this week. As a system entirely owned, managed and run at a local level, it’s a blueprint for how Greater Manchester could run other transport systems in the future. As we continue to grow and carry more people, there’s no doubt Metrolink’s future is bright and its standing as a world-class network assured.”

Aline Frantzen, Managing Director of KeolisAmey Metrolink, added: “Greater Manchester has achieved its vision for light rail because of a relentless focus on delivery over the past 25 years. Allowing for the different environments, Metrolink is best-in-class across 10 metrics and that’s a credit to the work Transport for Greater Manchester has done, with us in more recent times, to continuously improve and grow the service for customers. These results testify to the real return on investment that TfGM has achieved by harnessing the potential of trams as an integral part of the Greater Manchester transport network.”

The highest ranked system in the large cities category was Lyon, France which scored 71 out of 100. This is only five higher than that Metrolink has achieved and shows how well respected the system is worldwide. Metrolink does have its problems at times but studies such as this are a pleasing indictment of how well the system is doing overall.

The report was prepared by the Eurogroup Consulting and can be viewed online.

* Other systems in the British Isles have been included in this survey with Dublin in the same category as Metrolink and London Tramlink, Nottingham Express Transit and Stagecoach Supertram in category two of medium sized systems. Dublin received a total rating off 55/100 (making it joint tenth) with Nottingham at 54/11 (sixth in its category), Tramlink with 50/100 (eighth) and Supertram scored 47/100 (ninth).

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