In Preview: Classic Motorcycle Day at Crich

The next special event to take place at the Crich Tramway Village will be the Classic Motorcycle Day on Sunday 7th July where the normal tram service will be joined by hundreds of classic motorcycles and, hopefully, plenty of visitors!

Last year the event attracted over 400 classic motorcycles and there are prizes on offer in categories including “Best British Motorcycle”, “Best International Motorcycle”, “Best Japanese Motorcycle”, “Best Pre-War Motorcycle”, “Best Classic Motorcycle in Original Condition” and visitor voted “Best in Show”.

All classic motorcycle exhibitors will be able to get into the museum for free and there will be a separate area set aside for pre-war bikes and motorcycle clubs will be grouped together.

Alongside the displays of motorcycles there will be a tram service giving some unique photographic opportunities of the two forms of classic transport together.

What’s next at Crich? The next event after this will be the visit of the Austin A40 Farinas on Saturday 13th July between 1000 and 1400.

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