In Pictures: Sheffield 264 returns to service at Beamish

After a short period of testing and commissioning Sheffield 264 has returned to service at Beamish – bringing the number of available trams to a very respectable seven; a major change to 2018 when at times it was a struggle to find four trams for service! As you may recall 264 had been undergoing attention in the Beamish workshops for a motor overhaul and reprofiling of its wheelsets but with this work now completed the tram is back in service once more! Testing of 264 began on 25th April and the tram was back in service on Monday 29th April.

The seven trams now available for service cover most bases for all weathers with two open toppers in the form of Blackpool 31 and Newcastle 114, three single deckers with Oporto 196 and on loan pair Blackpool & Fleetwood 40 and Manchester 765, a fully enclosed double decker in Sunderland 16 and Sheffield 264 an open balcony double decker.

The second day of service for Sheffield 264 was on 30th April when it was running on the anti-clockwise circuit. This view shows passengers disembarking from the tram at the Entrance.

The other tram in service on this day was Blackpool 31 which is seen here from the balcony of 264 working on the clockwise circuit at Pockerley.

31 is seen again. This time in the Town.

The sun gleams off 264 as it arrives in the Town.

Meanwhile progress is continuing at a pace with the new bus depot.

One final look of Sheffield 264 as it heads away from the Entrance. (All Photographs by David Maxwell, 30th April 2019)

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