In Pictures: Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours in action

As we have reported in the past 2019 is set to be the biggest year yet for Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours with the largest number of operating days yet – including every weekend throughout the year plus on various weekdays. The early part of the season is set to be dominated by Box Car 40 which is being used most days before it departs for Beamish. One such day was on Sunday 10th February when it was joined by Balloon 717 on the two tram Promenade tour. John Hibbert captured the following photos.

717 and 40 rest together at Pleasure Beach with the Balloon set to be the next departure for North Pier/Tower.

With the Promenade road closed due to the tramway extension works at Talbot Square uninterrupted views from the other side of the Promenade are able to be taken currently. This view shows 717 at North Pier/Tower.

Dusk falls and 40 heads northbound away from North Pier/Tower with the last Cabin working of the day. (All Photographs by John Hibbert, 10th February 2019)

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  1. nostalgicyetprogressive says:

    What a pleasure it was on Saturday 25 February to see the Heritage Service so very well supported, no doubt largely due to the operation of Box 40, which provided a pleasant trip both from end to end of the Tramway, plus runs around Little Bispham Loop. Although the car never seemed to be totally full to the gunwales, it was almost full to capacity on all but the early Little Bispham run. 227 also proved very popular and although a little chilly to ride on, not really unpleasantly cold given the mild, fine weather. Although 40 will be missed by many, given a few good days and the presence of a couple of Boats, I doubt that anyone will be too disappointed by the absence of 40, especially having had the pleasure of experiencing this special tram during what must be acknowledged as very generous extended loan by the TMS. Many thanks to the TMS and let us look forward to any future exchanges that may be possible together with the ongoing interesting developments in Blackpool’s own marvellous Heritage Fleet.

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