In Pictures: More snow on Metrolink

The white stuff is still sticking around for a little while longer it seems and although it is nowhere as bad as 2018’s “Beast from the East” it has still made for interesting photographic opportunities on the Manchester Metrolink network. On Friday 1st February Keith Chadbourne went out onto the Oldham and Rochdale line armed with camera to capture a few images of trams in the snow.

3025 approaches Newbold with a service for East Didsbury. A light dusting of snow remains on the ground.

3076 arrives at Shaw & Crompton as it heads towards Rochdale. Again there is a light dusting of snow but nothing too significant.

3097 is at the head of a double unit bound for East Disbury which is just arriving at Shaw.

Seen through the cab window of a tram we look through the snow to another tram at Shaw & Crompton.

Oldham Town Centre and barely a sign of snow! (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne, 1st February 2019)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: More snow on Metrolink

  1. Steve_Hyde says:

    Thanks due to Keith for braving the elements to bring us these photos.
    However I believe that in the first of these photographs 3025 is actually approaching Newbold rather than New Hey. The layout of the overhead line poles in the background is that of the single line approaching the bridge over the Network Rail lines at Rochdale a d the spacing of the track in the foreground caters for Newbold’s island platform.

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