In Pictures: Trafford Park extension works continue

Work remains ongoing on the Manchester Metrolink Trafford Park extension with track now in place in several locations along the 5.5km line which will leave the current Eccles branch shortly after Pomona. Six new stops will be constructed on the line which is expected to start operation in 2020 with a new service to be introduced from Trafford Centre to Crumpsall. These latest photos show recent progress as at 4th January 2019 with thanks to Keith Chadbourne.

As the line goes from Trafford Wharf Road to Warren Bruce Road the track construction is in progress with the rails in place furthest from the camera.

A view on Warren Bruce Road. Rails are in place closest to the camera but await tarmacking in with the trackbed in place further along but still awaiting those all important rails.

Village Circle where more track is in place.

This image shows the scene at Barton Dock Road towards Parkway.

One final view at the same location with tracklaying in progress. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne, 4th January 2019)

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