In Pictures: Wolverhampton City Centre extension construction

As we’ve reported over the past few months there is currently West Midlands Metro extension works ongoing at both ends of the current line and in this article Martin Miller brings us a pictorial update on what is happening in Wolverhampton City Centre with plenty of track now in place.

In this view the trackbed is being prepared for the installation of rails on the right whilst the other side sees the track already in place.

With the tramway turning from Piper’s Row into Railway Drive the situation is much the same as the previous shot with tracks laid on one side and preparation works ongoing on the other.

Track are installed in both directions here as the line curves to and from the approach to the station.

Outside Wolverhampton Bus Station which tracks in place and road resurfaced.

On Pipers Row with another site where track is down for one directions travel as work continues on the other side of the road.

We may have to wait until 2020 for trams to run on the extension but the line is already connected to the existing West Midlands Metro network. (All Photographs by Martin Miller)

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