In Pictures: Rainbow Tram in Manchester

Every year when Manchester Pride takes place Metrolink enter into the spirit of the occasion by adding extra vinyls to some of the trams. In the past this has mainly included changing the colours of the spots on the standard livery but for 2018 they have gone a little bit further with additional temporary vinyls applied.

Once again the spots have changed with the colours of the rainbow now featuring with the spots going all the way down to the bottom of the tram as well as onto the windows and also at roof level. Spots have also been applied around the articulation whilst rainbow stripes have been added to the front of the tram. The last of these has necessitated the fleet number to be applied lower than usually. To complete the livery #RainbowTram has been added along with other limited signwriting.

One tram to have received the vinyls is 3028. We see the M5000 here on 18th August at Northern Moor. (Photograph by Dave Elison)

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  1. Steve_Hyde says:

    Two trams have the rainbow scheme, 3028 and 3071. They are both slightly different in that 3028 also has the rainbow spots applied to the internal ceiling. For some reason 3071 was released without these, whether they will be applied before the events this coming weekend remains to be seen.

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