Why vinyl wrap adverts on a tram?

Recent months have seen a major expansion in vinyl wrap liveries on several UK tram systems (well Edinburgh and Manchester anyway!) but have you ever wondered why trams are chosen for a mobile advert? Well a previous campaign for Sainsbury’s who were looking to appoint programmers saw Metrolink M5000 3058 used to take the word out to thousands in the area.

At this time Sainsbury’s Digital and Technology function was expanding outside of central London and were looking to recruit 150 new programmers and developers to its new Manchester hub. The trouble that Jupiter – a global full service recruitment communications agency who were in charge of the campaign – faced with this aim was that to many Sainsbury’s was just a Supermarket and they would need to attract the attention of prospective interested parties in a unique way.

This unique way was to use a Space Invaders theme which would easily attract the attention of people around Manchester and make they wonder what it was all about. And what better way to get to thousands of people than put a vinyl wrap on a tram! This was just one aspect of the adverts used but it combined to make this a successful advertising campaign for Sainsbury’s.


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