More cars find their way onto Metrolink tracks

With the crushing inevitably you have come to accept there have been a couple more cars which have found their way onto Metrolink tracks recently, including one which managed to drive onto the tracks at Vicotria – in a position which really beggars belief!

The first incident was more of a standard occurrence happening at the end of Hardy Lane on the Manchester Airport line. Trams were unable to travel past the stricken car leading to passengers having to continue their journeys on foot along the tramway. This happened on Thursday 28th June.

Then just days later – on Saturday 30th June – came one of the more remarkable of this incidents when a car became stuck on the tracks at Victoria. Many cases of car on tracks are vaguely understandable as there is confusion in road layout with cars having to turn off to avoid the tram tracks but anyone familiar with this location will be surprised how this one happened. There is a road which runs across the tracks of the original city crossing but no road vehicles should have to turn here at all which makes it odd that this car did. Even more bizarre is the fact that when discovered by the Police in the early hours of the morning it was stick firmly on the 2CC line facing outwards. This suggests that they had either reversed onto the tracks or had turned there, realised their error and then tried to turn around. The fact that Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the driver had been detained following the incident may explain more of the reasons behind this incident.

The car was spotted at 0600 and was removed at 0700. Whilst Metrolink staff double checked the track services which usually run via 2CC were diverted via Shudehill and Market Street.

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