In Pictures: Progress on Wolverhampton City Centre extension

West Midlands Metro will be a much bigger network in the future with work on extending the line at both ends currently underway ahead of further work to build a line from Wednesbury to Brierley Hill. In this pictorial update we take a look at recent progress on work to bring the line into the centre of Wolverhampton. Ken Jones with the pictures.

Bilston Road next to stop at Wolverhampton St George’s. The bus lane has been fenced off for most of the lane to avoid pedestrians walking into road.

Pipers Row is closed – this at the end with Bilston Road.

Looking down Pipers Row – looks like a stack of concrete sleepers on the left hand side.

Looking up Pipers Row – some track and sleepers on left hand side in shade. This is by the bus station. National Express coaches now leave from within the bus station instead of Pipers Row. The exit into Pipers Row is obviously closed but another row of pink fencing is in place just the other side of pedestrian walkway just in case a bus did think of exiting.

Pipers Row/Berry Street. Bus station on left hand side – Costa building in front.

Pipers Row looking towards Fryer Street.

Junction of Fryer street, Pipers Row and Railway Drive.

Railway Drive looking away from station. Nothing changed here since my last visit when man was putting down the blue dots to mark out route. (All Photographs by Ken Jones)

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  1. Ken Jones says:

    Picture 5 should read bus station on RHS – not LHS. Must have had a senior moment

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