Crich spend Lottery money on paint, a door and more

As announced recently, Crich Tramway Village have received an £84,800 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable a project dubbed ‘Exploring the historic landscape of Crich Tramway Village’ to go ahead. The first phase of work is now underway at Wakebridge, which is focussing on the old lead mining display and the worm toilet (sometimes its best not to ask!).

The mining display has been a part of the furniture at Wakebridge for many years, but the funding has enabled an update. So far this has seen the headgear sandblasted and repainted, whilst the nearby toilet block has been painted and fitted with a brand new door. Meanwhile, the Peak District Mining Historical Society are helping out by sorting through various artefacts in order to refresh the existing display.

Other work planned includes the restoration of an historic tramway waiting shelter, and improvements to the woodland walk with the addition of a bird hide and new sculptures. It is hoped that this will encourage visitors to explore more of the site and view the area in a whole new light. Hopefully all of this will be more impressive than today’s news release makes it sound, as getting anyone to be excited about a new toilet door being part of such a hefty grant is going to be a big ask!

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