Sheffield 74 returns to service

Having missed the last two seasons at Crich, Sheffield 74 has returned to service following the completion of its full overhaul and repaint in the workshops over the winter. 74 was first used for the year on Wednesday 28th March – becoming the seventh tram to be used for the main service so far in 2018.

As you will probably remember 74 was the “poster girl” for the refurbishment of the depots having suffered severe damage as a result of the warm and damp conditions found in the old depots. Severe mould and other damp related damage occurred in the tram which led it to be withdrawn from service with it last running in service at the back end of 2015. A space was then found in the workshops for 74 during 2017 and it has been treated to a full refresh including exterior repaint with the tram now looking absolutely stunning once more! This was the first repaint 74 had received since original restoration in 1995.

So far in 2018 seven different trams have been used to operate the main service with between two and three used on a daily basis. Highlights in short operating season so far have included the first use of an open topper for the year – London County Council 106 on Monday 26th March; obviously a very brave crew were on duty that day! The other trams to have seen use so far this year are Glasgow 22, Blackpool 40, Blackpool 167, Leeds 345 and Leeds 399.

Welcome back to service 74!

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