In Pictures: New look depots at Crich

With the majority of work on the depot upgrade works at Crich Tramway Village now completed – only the new doors remain to be fitted – we are taking the opportunity to give readers a sneak preview of the new and improved depots before the attraction re-opens for visitors on 17th March. These pictures come courtesy of Peter Whiteley who was working at the museum when he captured these images on Saturday 24th February.

The refurbishment work has tackled Depots 2, 3 & 4. Previously the three buildings had the feel of one big shed but as part of the work carried out over winter, new dividing walls have been installed between them, every three tracks. This has been done primarily to minimise the risk of fire spreading through the running sheds in the event that the unthinkable should ever happen. Whilst this is the most obvious alteration, the new roof panels and improved lighting will also offer much better viewing of the trams housed within for visitors to the museum.

As already reported, most of the trams which were moved around to make the best possible use of the available storage space during the depot upgrade project have now been returned to their normal spots in the depots and Exhibition Hall – some of these can be seen below.

This image of trams inside Depot 2 has a familiar feel to it with Leeds 'Double Cab' 2, Blackpool Jubilee 762, Blackpool Boat 236 & MET 331 all present. However the new roof panels and dividing wall give away that this scene is from after the depot improvement works.

Moving across to Depot 3 where we find the modern tower wagon TW4 in front of Blackpool Standard 40. Also inside are Oporto 273 and Liverpool 869.

Sheffield trams dominate this view of Depot 4, with works car 330 and 74 - newly extracted from the Exhibition Hall - in the foreground and 510 tucked away at the back. London Transport 1622 had been moved onto road 11 and is seen sandwiched between the Yorkshire trams.

A bonus view of Depot 4 after further shunting had taken place, with Sheffield 510, Leeds 345 and Glasgow 1282 all in position, and Southampton 45 just about visible behind 345. (All photos by Peter Whiteley)

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  1. John says:

    Whilst I fully understand the need for this work and the safety of the collection must be paramount I will miss being able to stand in the middle of a large Tram depot!
    Great work guys.

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