Two T69s survive but remainder to be scrapped

Two of the 15 Midland Metro T69s which were offered for sale by auction earlier this year are to survive with one being donated to Birmingham Museum. But for the remainder it has been confirmed that it will be the end of the line with a one way trip to the scrapman imminent.

The two trams which will survive are 07 and 11, both of which have been donated by Transport for West Midlands for their future lives. 07 has been donated to UK Tram for an unknown purpose whilst 11 is set for a new life in preservation with it being donated to Birmingham Museum. 07 is likely to remain at Long Marston for the foreseeable future whilst a date for 11’s move is yet to be set.

Interestingly neither of these two trams are in the original Midland Metro livery with 07 is in the Network West Midlands colours whilst 11 received a Birmingham Corporation Tramways commemoration livery in 2013. The original livery does survive though on 16 which remains stored at Wednesbury Depot and was not part of the e-auction.

As expected the remaining trams – 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 – have been sold for scrap at a cost of £12,000.

Cllr Roger Lawrence, WMCA lead member for transport, said: “After many years of service it’s sad the T69 trams are headed for the breakers yard, but in the absence of any buyers for them as a going concern this represents the best return for the council tax payer. However the two trams that are to be preserved will serve as a permanent reminder of the part they played in the story of the Midland Metro.”

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